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Barn Hunt Events - Youngsville

Teamworks now hosts official Barn Hunt Association Events several times a year at our Youngsville location (in our Barn Hunt Barn & Pavillion)




  • Memorial Day OPENS March 25th; Premium

  • Labor Day (Trial planned - pending approval)

  • Nov 20-22 (Trial planned - pending approval)


Video of a Dog participating in a Barn Hunt Class


Barn Hunt Event General Rules

  • Spectator General Admission for barn hunt events is free, but please leave un-entered dogs at home.
  • Spectators must watch quietly and not "double-handle" (give the competitor help).
  • Unsportsman-like conduct and harsh treatment of dogs is NOT allowed at Teamworks at any time.  You may not do things that would get you dismissed from a trial like striking your dog, throwing things at your dog, or giving your dog a collar correction.
  • Chain collars are not allowed in the barn.  Shock collars are not allowed on the grounds.
  • Sorry, but due to the behavior modification work we do on site, female dogs in heat are not allowed anywhere on the grounds at Teamworks.  Our Barn Hunt events are held in conjunction with agility events, which also do not allow dogs in heat. 
  • All dog excrement must be removed and deposited in the receptacles provided. 
  • Camping and RV Parking is available by pre-reservation only.  Camping is $5 / night, RV parking (no electric) is $10 per night, and RV electric hook ups are $25 per night.  Cars parking in reserved spots at an event without a reservation will be asked to move.
  • Vendors may sign up online for events.  The cost is $5 per day for non-electric and $10 per day for an electric hook-up.
  • During an event, dogs must be on leash unless they are in a fenced area.