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Barn Hunt Class

A sport for the "critter hunting" dog!

The purpose of Barn Hunt is to demonstrate a dog’s vermin hunting ability  in a “barn-like” setting.  Barn Hunt is for any breed or mix of dog who loves to hunt and who can fit through an 18” wide gap between two hay bales. Barn Hunt is a sporting event, and there are levels of difficulty, titles, and championships to be attained. While it can be used as an instinct test, there is also a handler component in that the handler must signal when the dog has reached the desired target PVC rat tube; thus, the handler must know and have a partnership with their dog. Teamwork will win the game.  For more information about Barn Hunt competitions, see the Barn Hunt Association.) 
Introductory Class: The introductory class will focus on the three aspects of barn hunt required to qualify: 1. the climb 2. the tunnel 3. the find
We will build the dog's confidence in climbing on hay bales stacked up to four high. Dogs will learn to navigate tunnels made of hay bales with up to one turn. We will develop the dog's interest in finding the rat, and teaching him to communicate with the handler the find has been made. In addition, students will learn barn hunt rules and procedures that will enable them to compete at the Instinct and Novice levels and beyond. Basic handling skills will be discussed as well.
Advanced Class: The advanced class is for dogs that are currently competing in barn hunt or who have taken the introductory class. We will be refining the dog's hunting skills and indication. Tunnel skills will be developed using tunnels having 2 or 3 turns in a variety of configurations. In addition, this class will continue to develop handler skills, and discuss the movement of scent so the team may more successfully compete at the higher levels of barn hunt.

Pre-registration with pre-payment is required.   

Tuition: $130
Duration: Once a week for 6 weeks
Class Max: 6 Dogs
Instructor:  Julie Asbed
Offered: Thursday nights, Youngsville location, Grass Ring

Intro:  7pm
Advanced:  6pm