Teamworks Dog Training, llc

Raleigh: 8411Garvey Drive, Raleigh, NC 27616                                                             office: (919) 855-0422
Raleigh Office Admin Hours: Mon (9am-12pm, 3-6pm), Tues and Wednesday (3pm-6pm) and Thursday (12pm-6pm)
    Youngsville:195 Robbins Rd, Youngsville, NC 27596                                      email:

What Sets Us Above the Rest

Teamworks is staffed by dog training professionals, focused on improving your relationship with your dog. We are not a club or a retail chain. 

  • Our Training Philosophy is Family-Friendly
    If your dog is less than one-third of your weight, you would be able to  overpower it in order to control it. Using that philosophy, though, only the humans in your house strong enough will be able to control your dog.  At Teawworks, we don't believe in using brawn to train a dog - we believe in using brains.  If you visit places like the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, you will find that they learned to use positive-reinforcement-based techniques a long time ago.  (After all, you would be hard-pressed to overpower a dolphin.)  Be very wary of trainers who tell you that you have to "dominate" a dog to control it.  You can have leadership without being aggressive towards your dog.  More importantly, your children and the people in your house that don't out-weigh your dog can have leadership and respect from your dog too.
  • Titled Instructors / Certified Behavior Counselors
    Beware! Anyone can call themselves a dog training "instructor" or a "behaviorist" without really having any training, education, or experience in the field! Our instructors and counselors have passed certification exams, have hands-on training experience, and/or have nationally recognized credentials and training titles. Teamworks requires that all instructors have experience teaching, good people skills, and have significant training credentials before they are considered for hiring. 
  • Private, Matted Indoor Facilities for Beginner Level Classes
    Your dog will be much more successful if you begin training in a quiet, indoor environment.  Outdoor environments and noisy, busy indoor environments are great for advanced training, but can be overwhelming to a new puppy or dog.
  • A Complete Dog Education Curriculum
    Teamworks offers everything from Puppy Classes to Dog Sports classes like agility, flyball, rally-obedience, tracking, and canine musical freestyle.  We also offer behavior modification classes for dogs that might not be welcome elsewhere.  In addition, Teamworks offers private In-Home Behavior Consultations, Doggie Dayschool, and In-Board Training.