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What is a "behaviorally healthy dog"?

    • Is comfortable being petted by children and people of all types without growling or shrinking away
    • Can be examined and groomed  by the vet and by owners without growling or trying to bite
    • Has not bitten a person
    • Does not growl, lunge, or shrink away from strangers
    • Does not patrol windows, doors, car or yard, barking at strangers or other dogs
    • Does not growl or bite to guard food, toys, or resting spaces
    • Is not afraid of new people, objects, sounds, or smells
    • Eliminates in the correct the location
    • Lives peacefully with all people and with other animals in the household
    • Can be in a room with other dogs and settle down after 5 minutes even if it doesn't get to sniff the dogs
    • Is able to walk down the street and pass another dog and/or person without growling, lunging, and barking
    • Allows guests to enter the house without growling, lunging, and barking


If your dog is not behaviorally healthy, please consider signing up for an In-Home Behavioral Consultation.