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What Does it Take to Be a Teamworks Instructor?

Our instructors have nationally recognized dog training titles or have passed a certification exam and participated in an apprentice program.  We recognize that dog training is primarily about coaching humans to understand and communicate with their dogs, and we hire only team players with good people skills.

DOG TRAINING INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATION OR TITLES Teamworks Dog Training has its own certification exam.  The required texts are: How Dogs Learn, Excel-erated Learning, Its Not the Dogs, Its the People, and Pet First Aid.  Teamworks will also consider other national certifications like the SanFrancisco SPCA Academy, or the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors. Teamworks Exams are scheduled by request and approval only.  Teamworks certification is not valid for any other organization. Nationally-recognized training titles are also acceptable for consideration.
EXPERIENCE TEACHING Teamworks Instructors have taught or co-taught before taking on a class independently.  All instructor resumes are listed online for our clients' review.  We would also like to see experience assisting a Teamworks class and ideally, co-teaching a Teamworks class.
EXPERIENCE TRAINING DOGS Teamworks Instructors have experience beyond training their own dogs.  Ideally, instructors have experience training more than one breed of dog.  More importantly, most instructors have experience training at least one "difficult" dog.  Difficult dogs can make good dog trainers.
GOOD PEOPLE SKILLS Teamworks Instructors know that positive reinforcement works with people too.  We expect out instructors to refrain from using aversives toward even the most difficult of clients.
COHESIVENESS Teamworks Instructors work together as a team to provide you and your dog a complete education. We have standardized outlines that instructors work from so that the goals of a class are similar from instructor to instructor.  We encourage each instructor to have  his/her own flair and creative approaches as long as the main goals of the class are followed.  We encourage the instructors to work together when sharing students.
NON-AVERSIVE METHODOLOGY Teamworks' Hallmark is our non-aversive methodology.  We do not use pain or brute force to train dogs. Our methods are modern and humane.
GREAT REFERENCES You should be able to provide several references from clients who have taken dog training classes from you. You should have demonstrated client retention.  You should have at least one Teamworks staff member as a reference.
NON-BREED BIAS Teamworks Instructors are expected to show non-discrimination to both people and to dogs.  We believe that all dogs - regardless of breed - deserve equal attention and treatment - as do all humans.  We expect our instructors to act professionally.
ENTHUSIASM FOR TEAMWORKS DOG TRAINING PROGRAMS Teamworks Instructors should have taken Teamworks classes and should recommend them above all others!  Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm.
A JOB OPENING AT TEAMWORKS While not all job openings are posted, there will need to be an open time slot to offer you a job.  Impress us with a resume and an interview, and you'll be surprised how creative we can be finding a spot for you.
EXCLUSIVITY Teamworks Instructors can work as groomers, veterinary technicians, pet sitters, kennel workers, and pet retail associates.  Teamworks Instructors cannot simultaneously teach classes for other training organizations or own their own training business.
The unifying characteristic of all Teamworks Instructors is that they LOVE dog training and the LOVE teaching.  Teaching dog training classes is a calling.
A DAY-JOB It is strongly recommended that instructors keep another source of income.  Teaching dog training classes is very satisfying and comes with a lot of "perks", but it does not pay life's bills. Teamworks has only part-time positions available. Sorry, but we are not able to offer health benefits.  As an instructor, you will have access to our training facilities and receive free class vouchers.

If you have met the criteria above, please fill out an application and send it, along with your resume to:

Teamworks Dog Training, llc

195 Robbins Rd.

Youngsville, NC 27596