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Facility Rental

Since our training building, agility fields, and pond are not used for classes around the clock, we are happy to rent our space to experienced dog handlers when classes/events are not in session.  Rentals are available for independent practice, non-profit small group events, or large group events. 


Raleigh Building Agility Facility
Teamworks Doggie Swimming Pond  Off-Leash Dog Run

General Rental Regulations
(Violation of any of these policies will result in forfeiture of security deposit)
  • Renters must pre-arrange and pre-pay for all rentals. 
  • Renters must provide a one-time $50 security deposit to be a registered renter.
  • Individual renters must fill out on online rental application, sign the liability waiver and submit proof of vaccinations for all dogs brought on site prior to rental. 
  • Large Groups must also fill out an online rental application A discount of $100 and free rental of the pond is given if both agility rings are rented at the daily rate.
  • Since any training done on our premises reflects our business name, we expect that renters will use humane training methods as described in our philosophy.
  • Sorry, rentals may not be used for teaching private lessons. Private lessons may be given in Teamworks facilities only by Teamworks Instructors or by pre-approved, insured guest instructors who sign an independent contractor agreement.
  • Please note: rentals are not available during trial or Show & Go weekends.
  • ABSOLUTELY no dogs in heat may be present at any time on Teamworks grounds! Violation of this policy will result in security deposit forfeiture. Rentals should be re-scheduled if a dog is in heat. Please fill out an online cancellation form.
  • If there is inclement weather when your rental time occurs, please note that we will issue you a credit toward a future rental, but we need to receive an online cancellation request before your rental time at online cancellation form.
  • Domestic Dogs/Dangerous Dogs: Any canid that is part wild canid and that is not 100% domestic dog is not be allowed on the property. Any dog which, in the opinion of Teamworks Dog Training, is uncontrollable, unpredictable, aggressive, or in any way a danger to people will be denied access to the rental.
  • Youth: Anyone aged 8 -17 participating in a rental must have a parent or responsible adult in attendance at all times. Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a non-participating adult at all times while on the premises.
  • Humane Treatment: Any person renting the facilities of Teamworks Dog Training must agree to use humane training methods that would reflect the Teamworks Dog Training philosophy. Specifically, no shock collars will be allowed, no ear-pinching, no hitting dogs, no throwing things at dogs, no chain or prong collar corrections, and no harsh or inhumane treatment of dogs will be tolerated. Renters who do not abide by this policy will forfeit their security deposit and will not be allowed future rentals at Teamworks.
  • Shared Time: Rental time may be shared by more than one person, but no private lessons or instruction of any kind may be given during rental time by non-Teamworks instructors, as this violates the liability policy.  The primary renter on the application must have a security deposit on file and will be listed as the person responsible for any damages.  If rental time is shared with a Teamworks staff member, the non-staff members owe their portion of the rental.
  • Clean Up: All renters must clean up after their dogs when on the premises of the training facilities. This includes scooping all solids in either location left any place on either property. This also includes using the disinfectant spray bottles provided for all urine in the indoor location, and anywhere on the agility field, including the fenced areas, the agility equipment, and the fence. Renters who do not abide by this policy will forfeit their security deposit.
  • Leave it Like You Found It: Renters are expected to leave the rings as clean as and in the same condition as they found them. Moved equipment should be replaced back to the position it was in.  The East agility ring equipment may not be rearranged or re-numbered Thursday - Tuesday.
  • Security deposit for rental will be not be refunded in the case of failure to abide by any of these policies. Upon violation of any of these policies by the renter, access to the rental properties may be revoked.