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Canine Good Citizen Questions

Canine Good Citizen Questions

What are the Class Objectives?

My dog's already has some training...

What's the difference between the Puppy Class and the CGC class?
What's the difference between the
CGC  & Distraction Proofing classes?
If I have 2 dogs, can I put them in the same class?

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes)    What are the class objectives?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    The class is based upon the Canine Good Citizen Goals:  

  • Sit / Stay and Down / Stay

  • Come When Called

  • Walk on a Loose Leash Without Pulling and Around Distractions (other dogs, people, noises, objects)

  • Accept a Friendly Stranger and  Sit Calmly for Petting

  • Stay with a Friendly Stranger while the Handler is out of Sight (without showing signs of separation anxiety)

  • Accept Handling and Distractions Without Showing Shyness or Fear

In the process of teaching the basics of these exercises, you will also learn hand signals, dog "tricks", and positive reinforcement techniques like targeting.  We will also provide help with problem behaviors. 

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes)    What if I have already taught my dog to sit and to lay down?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)     That's great!  Many people have begun to teach these commands before they come to class.  However, most people taking the Canine Good Citizen class say that their dog only sits for as long as the dog wants to, and then it gets up.   In Canine Good Citizen class, we will teach your dog to stay until you release it.  There are other dogs who can do all of the commands at home, but not in the presence of other people and other dogs.   Sure, the dog can sit at home in the quiet kitchen....but can he sit and stay at the vet's office or the park?  If this is the case, you could consider taking the Distraction Proofing class if you dog knows the basics (including stay) already.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes)    What's the difference between the Puppy Class and the  Canine Good Citizen classes?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    The CGC  class focuses on the objectives of the Canine Good Citizen test.   It is designed for the adolescent dog who has started to have "selective hearing"...meaning the dog comes when it wants to come, sits when it wants to sit.   This is a normal developmental characteristic of adolescence -- essentially, the dog is now in his "teens".  This is why the minimum age for the CGC class is 6 months.  Most dogs don't reach adolescence until 6 months, although it varies with breed and by individual.  The Puppy Class is designed for the dog between 3 months and 6 months.  Generally puppies in this stage are still very obedient because they are very dependent on their owners -- just like small children are.  During this stage of development, it is critical that puppies have socialization with other dogs so that they learn to communicate in "dog language" with other dogs.  By the same token, it is important that owners bond with puppies and that puppies learn basic obedience during this time.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes)    What's the difference between the CGC  and Distraction Proofing  classes?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    The CGG class assumes that the dog really doesn't know the commands "come", "sit", and "down" very well.  It is a perfect first class or a next class after Puppy Kindergarten.   The Beginner class includes a Canine Good Citizen test at the end, but is really focused on making sure the dog really understands the basics. 

            The Distraction Proofing   class assumes the dog will obey the commands "come", "sit", and "down", but maybe not always in the presence of distractions.  It is a perfect follow-up class to the CGC  class and will prepare the dog and handler to pass the Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors. 

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes)    If I have two dogs, can I enroll them in the same CGC class?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    Experience shows that two dogs from the same "pack" do much better if enrolled in separate classes, especially for the Beginner level class.  The goal of this class is to strengthen the relationship of the handler and the dog.  With the other doggie "pack-mate" present, and in the presence of other people and dogs, the two dogs are much more likely to be focused on each other and pack dynamics.  You and your dog will get much more out of the class if you enroll each dog in a separate class where each dog will get 100% of your attention...which is what you want back from your dog.