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In Board Training Program Questions


Where will my dog sleep each night?
Can I visit my dog?
Will my dog remember me after one month?
Will my dog listen to me as well as he listens to you?






question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Where will my dog sleep each night?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    Your dog will be assigned his own crate in our "guest room" and will sleep in his assigned crate.  You are welcome to provide your dog's favorite bedding and toys to make his room more like home.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Can I visit my dog?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    Sure!  Call your trainer to arrange a visit time.  All visits are by appointment only.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Will my dog still remember me after one month?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    Yes, your dog will give you a tail-wagging, enthusiastic greeting!  Your dog will learn to listen to the trainers and will consider us his friends, but you will remain the dog's "family".

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Will my dog listen to me as well as he listens to you?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    You will receive training video clips of your dog's sessions each week, as well as a written report.  It is up to you to practice the training in the same manner that we did the training.  It is also up to you to modify the dog's environment to set him up to succeed at home.  Your trainer will discuss these things with you on the videos and in the final drop-off visit.  Your dog will come home with good manners as his new "habits".  Your dog will be capable of doing everything he did with the trainer as long as you take the recommended steps to make sure these manners remain his default behaviors. In this way, in-board training works much the same as training horses - the horse is trained to accept a is up to the rider to follow the horse trainers instructions on how to ride the horse.