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In-Home Consultation Questions

What does the $160 pre-payment cover?
Do I need to commit to a certain number of consultations?
Should I tire my dog out before the consultation?

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) What does the pre-payment cover?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    The pre-payment usually covers the initial consultation and, in some cases, books or training material as appropriate. The rates for in-home consultations are published on the In-Home Consultation web page.  If, for instance, you live in Cary, you have pre-paid for up to two hours of consultation time.  If you only use one and a half hours of time, you might also receive a book and a training collar included in the pre-payment.  If you would prefer to have the trainer return for a second visit, in this case, you would have another 30 minutes of the trainer's time pre-paid.  Any additional time beyond the pre-payment will be at the quoted rate.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Do I need to commit to a certain number of consultations?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    Every dog is different and every situation is different. Your Canine Behavior Counselor will talk to you about whether a follow-up visit is recommended.  Some types of behavior problems require a stepwise progression and you might need coaching at each step.  Other problems are quickly resolved with minimal follow-up.

question_anm.gif (11884 bytes) Should I tire my dog out before the consultation?

smile2.gif (253 bytes)    No!  It is best for the Behavior Counselor to see your dog as he usually is in his normal environment.  Please have your dog restrained on leash, though, and have treats readily available.